Seesaw with a crowd of children playing

Seesaw with a crowd of children playing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always have trouble remembering the full list when I tell people about them, so I decided to create an acronym.

Don’t Play See Saw By Myself!

  1. Divide and conquer
  2. Punish by rewards
  3. the Sky is falling down
  4. Shame on you
  5. Burn all bridges
  6. Military style

Initially I have one on the list that says “Throwing shit into your comfort zone” but I am bothered by the profanity. Maybe not me but others might. Although this is one of the first and most central ideas of this project, I can’t think of a way to replace the word “shit”. It seems like “shit” is the prefect word to describe what people are putting into the children’s comfort zone when they are motivating them. Finally I decided to combine that idea with “Burn all bridges” because their are actually similar.

As for “Punish by rewards”, the name is inspired by Alfie Kohn‘s book title “Punished by Rewards“. That book discusses why rewards don’t work. But here I want to make a stronger stand and argue that some rewards, which actually worked, have side effects which make them unethical to be used to persuade children.

As the ideas evolve there may be changes but for now this is the full list.