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I decided to change the name of this project to “Anti-patterns in Persuading Children”.

Before this, I call it “Unethical Ways to Persuading Children” (and before that simply “Unethical Persuasion”) but I am bothered by the word “Unethical”. I don’t feel good using a word with a negative connotation to describe a common practice. I know my arguments will be based on the grounds of ethics, but putting the word in the tittle is still a bad association.

Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration (Photo credit: katstan)

It is not just about being polite, but I also want people to have the freedom to use the anti-patterns when the situation calls for it. A negative association to describe a practice appeals to the emotion and in difficult situations, makes it hard for people to think logically and trust their intuition, something that is much needed when dealing with children, especially for parents.