Don’t Play See Saw By Myself



Seesaw with a crowd of children playing

Seesaw with a crowd of children playing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always have trouble remembering the full list when I tell people about them, so I decided to create an acronym.

Don’t Play See Saw By Myself!

  1. Divide and conquer
  2. Punish by rewards
  3. the Sky is falling down
  4. Shame on you
  5. Burn all bridges
  6. Military style

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Divide and Conquer


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Divide and Conquer is very simple: you can’t persuade everyone, so you split them into two groups. You condemn the other group, and with your influence as an adult, you persuade the children under your care to become one of you. Like Pavlov’s dogs, children can be easily conditioned to be loyal to their group.

First divide, then conquer. It works very well, we see it everywhere. In the end we appear to live together, but in our minds we are all divided.



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“Children” is not defined by age. Here, “children” is an emotional state.

First there are the real children, those who are really young and innocent by age. But there are more. All of us — no matter how old we are — have times when we turn (back) into “children”: when we are weak, when we are lonely, desperate, disappointed, in love etc.

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